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CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 31 – Robert Chestnut:  Integrity in the age of Transparency

A CMO Confidential Interview with Rob Chesnut, the former Airbnb General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer, Chegg General Counsel, SVP of Trust & Safety at eBay, and author of Intentional Integrity. Rob discusses how to think about integrity in the age of transparency – when every consumer and employee is functioning as their own newsroom, […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 30 – DJ Patil: A Data Scientist Turned Investor Talks Tech, Marketing & Public Policy

A CMO Confidential Interview with D J Patil, currently an investor and partner at GreatPoint Ventures and formerly the Head of Data Products & Chief Scientist at LinkedIn, Distinguished Research Scientist at eBay, and U.S. Chief Data Scientist in the Obama Administration. DJ discusses why “clever beats smart,” the evolution of data science and AI, […]
Brand Engagement

CMO Confidential: Episode 29 – Rishad Tobaccowala: A Leading Business Thinker & Futurist Talks About What’s Next

A CMO Confidential Interview with Rishad Tobaccowala, former agency CEO, Publicis Strategy & Growth Officer, author, and podcaster. Rishad discusses the 4 power shifts in the marketplace, how the lack of marketers on boards costs companies, and why the future will come from the slime versus the heavens. Key topics include his belief that many […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 28 – Tom Goodwin: A Futurist and Innovation Expert Talks About Nowism

A CMO Confidential Interview with Tom Goodwin, author, speaker and former head of Innovation at Publicis, Zenith and Havas. Tom shares his often provocative thoughts on how to rethink technology by focusing in on what it means versus what it is, why brands will matter more than ever, how folks will bungle AI, and why […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 27 – Bill Cobb: A Marketing trained CEO Talks About Business & the CMO Position

A CMO Confidential Interview with Bill Cobb, the CEO of Frontdoor who was previously the President of eBay North America and CEO of H&R Block. Bill shares his thoughts on how to succeed as a CMO, the best and worst marketing management practices of boards and CEOs, how to evaluate potential opportunities and the fact […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 26 – David Kenny: An Experienced CEO Talks About Marketing, Measurement & the Future

A CMO Confidential Interview with David Kenny, the CEO of Nielsen and former CEO of Digitas and The Weather Company. David takes us through the evolution of measurement and media and shares his thoughts on how to stay on top of a rapidly evolving marketplace. Key topics include talent, thinking about marketing as a “team […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 25 – Brian Vos: An Operations Trained CEO Dishes on How He Views Marketing

A CMO Confidential Interview with Brian Vos, the former CEO of The Wine Group (TWG) who learned the business while leading the supply chain at E&J Gallo and TWG, two of the largest wine businesses in the world. Brian shares perspective on working in a business with over 10,000 competitors and over 100,000 skus where […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 24 –  Tyler Bluth: The Marketing CFO Position & Why You Need it for Your Organization

A CMO Confidential interview with Tyler Bluth, VP of Finance at Ancestry, former brand manager and Marketing CFO. Tyler outlines how the position can reduce friction between marketing and finance and the key elements required for success. Key topics include constructing a marketing scorecard, eliminating the “asymmetry of information,” his belief that teams should “adjust […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 23 – Kim Whitler: Brands Taking a Stand on Social and Political Issues

A CMO Confidential Interview with Kim Whittler, business professor at the Virginia School of Business and former GM and CMO. Kim joins us for a second time on the red-hot issue of sociopolitical stands and describes why descriptive corporate research ignores consequences and trade-offs and is often wrong versus longer-term broader academic studies. Key topics […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 22 – Dave Reibstein – Wharton Professor on Brand Value, Measures and Metaverse

A CMO Confidential Interview with Dave Reibstein, the Wharton Business School Professor and former Chairman of the American Marketing Association. Dave takes us through the evolution of marketing, measurement and what’s next. Key topics include why brands should be included on the balance sheet, how measures follow money, why the inability to quantify brands negatively impacts marketers and companies, his belief […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 21 Gary Stibel – A Consumer Products Consultant Talks About Marketing – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A CMO Confidential Interview with Gary Stibel, the former Wharton econometric modeler, Pringles brand manager, and founder of The New England Consulting Group. Gary outlines his belief that innovation and “the big marketing idea” are in serious decline and what to do about it. Key topics include why short-term thinking is crowding out long-term innovation, […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 20 Margaret Molloy – The Case for Simplicity in a Complex World

A CMO Confidential interview with Margaret Molloy, the Global Chief Marketing Officer of Siegel+Gale, the branding firm, and the “How CMOs Commit” podcast host. We discuss how marketing can become overly complex versus the power of a consistent focus on the customer. Key topics include translating business strategies, managing diverse stakeholders, B2B branding, asking the […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 19 Kim Whitler – A Comprehensive Look at Fixing the CMO Position

A CMO Confidential Interview with Kim Whitler, a business professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Kim started at P&G and went on to be a GM at Aurora Foods and the CMO at David’s Bridal before shifting to academia – one of her fortes is deep quantitative research on marketing. We […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 18 Paul Roetzer – A View from the Front Lines of Artificial Intelligence

A CMO Confidential Interview with Paul Roetzer, the founder of The Marketing AI Institute and author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence who has been working on and with AI for 12 years. We discuss the difference between machine learning and generative AI, the recent Google I/O Conference, how governments have been working on AI since the […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 17 Carilu Dietrich Top 5 Reasons B2B CMO’s Get Fired

A CMO Confidential Interview with Carilu Deitrich the former CMO and Hypergrowth Advisor who helped take Atlassian public. In part two of “Why The Short Shelf Life for CMOs”, Carilu outlines the top 5 reasons B2B marketers fail and shares tips on how to avoid the major pitfalls of the job. She also provides some […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 16 Ron Guerrier – Why Marketing and IT Should be BFF’s

Ron has been a CIO numerous times including Express Scripts, the State of Illinois (Go Bears), Toyota Financial Services, HP and Farmers Insurance. Marketing has always been an analytical function. And the function has gotten more analytical and significantly more measurable since then. In this week’s episode, Mike and Ron discuss how the two functions […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 15 Kip Knight – Why CMO’s Should Learn Finance

A CMO Confidential Interview with Kip Knight. The founder of CMO Coaches, former CMO of Taco Bell, and President of H&R Block’s US business, joins the show for a second time as we switch formats and have him lead a 2-way dialogue following up on our “Why the Short Shelf Life of CMO’s” session. We […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 14 Clive Sirkin – Why Marketing Creativity is in Decline/What to Do About it

A CMO Confidential interview with Clive Sirkin, the host of the podcast Unstuck who previously served as the Chief Growth Officer of Kellogg, the CMO of Kimberly-Clark, and the Group Managing Director of Leo Burnett. We discuss the difference between creativity and crafting, reducing the fear of getting out on the “creative ice,” how to […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 13 Joe Perello – Lessons Learned as the First Ever CMO of New York City

Joe started his career in credit cards at MBNA where he launched the NFL Visa card. He was the VP of Marketing for the New York Yankees, worked on David Bowie’s business and then became New York City’s first ever CMO in 2003. He’s gone on to found a digital ad agency and most recently […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 12 Craig Coffey – How to Increase Your Chance of Succeeding as a CMO

A CMO Confidential interview with Craig Coffey, the former CMO of Frontier Communications and Nokia North America and the founder of Way Maker Leadership, an executive leadership coaching practice serving senior executive and high-potentials in Fortune 200 companies. We discuss beating the two-year tenure jinx that bedevils the position, playing at a strategic level, hiring […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 11 Tom Seclow – An Executive Search Perspective on Marketing and CMOs

A CMO Confidential Interview with Tom Seclow of Spencer Stuart. Tom for many years led the CMO and Customer Experience practice for one of the most respected search firms in the world. He discusses the short tenure of the position, aligning expectations, the difference between a CMO and other C-level job specs, the power of […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 10 Tom Kirk – What Your Agency Wants To Tell You But Won’t (Part 2)

A CMO Confidential Interview with Tom Kirk, the long-time EVP and Chief Client Officer of RPA, the large independent agency in Los Angeles. TK, as he is known, discusses creative as a business driver, how consensus building can destroy good ideas, thinking through your agency interface and organization structure, Wayne Gretzky, and last, but not […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 9 Nancy Zwiers – Why Is Marketing Innovation So Freaking Hard?

A CMO Confidential interview with Nancy Zwiers, the former CMO of Spin Master, founder of Funosophy and SVP of Marketing for Barbie Worldwide. Nancy takes us on a tour of innovation in the toy space where judgment and speed are critical to success. She shares some tips on how to trust your judgment, shepherd projects […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 8 Paul Madera – What do Venture Capitalists Really Think About Marketing

A CMO Confidential interview with Paul Madera, the founder of Meritech Capital and former investment banker. Paul is a different guest for this show having founded a very successful firm which has backed some serious winners including Facebook, Salesforce, Roblox and Snowflake. He shares his perspective on venture capital and how it differs from Private […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 7 John Osborn – What Your Agency Really Wants to Tell You But Won’t

A CMO Confidential Interview with John Osborn, the former CEO of OMD USA and BBDO New York. Ozzy has been in the advertising and media business his entire career and shares some thoughts on how to build good business relationships and some CMO best and worst practices. He also talked about his first-hand “Pepsi, Where’s […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 69 – The Law Behind Sharing Content

Today our guest is Andrew Alexander, an attorney in the Intellectual Property group at Calfee, Halter and Griswold. We sit down with Andy to investigate copyright law as it relates to social media. When is it ok for a brand to repost someone else’s content? What are some of the safeguards brands can put in […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 6 Pat Mendelson – How Your Creative Team Really Wishes You’d Run A Meeting

All brands have creative teams responsible for delivering the go-to-market work that showcases the business to the marketplace. Many big businesses hire agencies to deliver this work and set up a process to sift through hundreds of ideas, whittling down the pile until they invest in the ones that make it to you. And all […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 5 Jeff Culliton – How To Run An RFP Without Crushing Your Agency’s Soul

In this episode, Mike and Jeff Culliton, President of Adcom talk about the best and worst ways to run an RFP so that the agencies pitching your business all have a fair shot at success.
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 4 Jeff Serverts – Is The CMO Species Headed For Extinction?

A CMO Confidential Interview with Jeff Serverts, the former Chief Marketing Officer of Ulta, Best Buy Europe, and FTD. Jeff discusses the growing complexity of the job and why he thinks it may become extinct in the not too distant future. We also talk about some of the ways marketers can manage the growing complexity […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 68 – Building An Audience No Matter The Market

Adcom presents The A-Game Podcast hosted by Jeff Culliton with guest host Abbey K. During this episode, we’re talking with someone who lives on the other side of social media, Eric Aune, plumber and social media influencer who enlightens us about the power of tradespeople as storytellers, because of the passion they feel about their […]
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 3 Carilu Dietrich – What It’s Really Like in the B2B Start-Up World

A CMO Confidential Interview with Carilu Dietrich, former CMO and Hypergrowth Advisor who helped take Atlassian public. Carilu discusses the business-to-business environment, what it’s like to be in an early-stage company, and tips for pic.
CMO Confidential

CMO Confidential: Episode 2 – Kip Knight – Why The Short Shelf Life Of CMOs

Mike interviews marketing veteran Kip Knight, who is Operating Partner at Thomvest Ventures, Founder of CMO Coaches and former CMO of Taco Bell about the short shelf life for CMOs.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 67 – User-Generated Content’s (UGC) Role In Strengthening Relationships With Your Brand

Jeff and Nadya sit down with RIDGID Tool’s own Becky Brotherton, Director of Brand & Engagement Marketing, to discuss her success using a variety of marketing tactics that include sharing user-generated content to increase authenticity. Becky also talks about planning for RIDGID’s 2023 “RIDGID Experience” – the brand’s 6th annual contest for its social followers […]
Blog, Outcome Planning

The Nuance of Audience and Data – Getting to Know Your Audience at a Deeper Level

A core tenet of any paid media program is understanding the audience and the platforms where you are placing media. Marketers are already making the shift from broad-based strategies across platforms to more nuanced approaches on specific platforms. Progressive data is emerging as an area where companies will want to spend time to better understand various […]
Blog, Brand Engagement

Searching for answers? Don’t tell Gen-Z to just “Google” it.

Jeff Culliton, President | The Adcom Group There is a changing behavior in the way people search for answers to their questions and it’s an interesting view into changing user experience. Especially for members of Generation Z, a generation (born between 1997-2012) that has grown up deeply native to social platforms, Google is not the […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 66 – Streaming Evolution

In this episode of Adcom’s A-Game podcast, hosts Jeff Culliton and Nadya Scheiner talk with special guest Jim Ganzer about how streaming services like Netflix are changing the marketing landscape, and how these platforms can be accessible to marketers in a way that broadcast never could. Currently Adcom’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jim is an expert […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 65 – Account Based Marketing

Adcom presents The A-Game Podcast, hosted by Jeff Culliton and Nadya Scheiner. Today we’re talking about ABM – Account Based Marketing – with Justin Morcelle, Adcom’s new partner and COO. Most recently the CMO of a Fortune 500 company, Justin has unique insight into B2B marketing. In today’s conversation, we cover whether and how account-based […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 65 – Executing Ideas Takes Creative Confidence

On this episode of The A Game we talk to entrepreneur & investor Kumar Arora. A constantly evolving entrepreneur, Kumar is the CEO of Arora Ventures. Arora Ventures provides resources, investment, consulting services to assist early-stage to mid-sized businesses. Some of his portfolio brands include Trust Foods, Rogue Eyewear, ILTHY®, and most recently, Sora Sushi. […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 64 – NFTs In Marketing Part 4

In the final episode of our series on NFT’s in Marketing, Fandem CEO G.I. Zaratsian discusses how to sell an NFT. While some artists have made fortunes by NFTing their original pieces and selling them on marketplaces like OpenSea, the process is still murky at best for most. We use our own Nadya Scheiner, an […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 64 – NFTs In Marketing Part 3

In part 3 of our discussion with G.I. Zaratsian, CEO and Co-Founder of Fandem, we discuss how brands are beginning to explore the concept of a metaverse and what role NFTs play in it.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 64 – NFTs In Marketing Part 2

In part two of our four part series on NFTs in marketing, CEO and Co-Founder of Fandem G.I. Zaratsian discusses tangible examples of how NFTs are currently being used by progressive brands and how the early adopters are gaining an edge.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 64 – NFTs In Marketing Part 1

On a new episode of The A Game we explore the future of NFTs in marketing with CEO and Founder of Fandem, G.I. Zaratsian. Episode 1 of this 4 part series lays the groundwork for what NFTs are and how the early focus on art has shaped the perception of their utility.
Blog, Outcome Planning

Messaging Motivates – Data Informs

As marketers, we need to use data to inform our creative messaging and understand the relationship between the two. Read insights from our VP, Creative CX Studio. Adam Zuccaro, Vice President, Creative CX Studio | The Adcom Group Allow me a quick lesson in art history: Leonardo da Vinci’s 15th century drawing, Vitruvian Man, depicts […]
Blog, Outcome Planning

Marketing. Business Outcomes. The Whole Works.

Aligning your marketing strategy towards a business outcome requires coordination across all channels. It also means harnessing the power of data and analytics. We help our clients do both. Read this article to find out how. Craig Martin, Chief Growth Officer | The Adcom Group You know that sports car sitting in your garage? No? Well, […]
Blog, Outcome Planning

Don’t Answer to Algorithms, Put Data to Work for You

Jim Ganzer, Chief Strategy Officer | The Adcom Group From tracking campaign KPIs to monitoring fundamental business metrics, leading organizations rely on data to guide their decision-making. While analytics have become table stakes in marketing, many great brands have found their competitive advantage by using data. What separates good from great is the role data […]
Blog, Outcome Planning

Don’t Horse Around with a Misguided Media Strategy

Jeff Culliton, President | The Adcom Group Why does the adage advise putting the horse before the cart? To remind us about the right order of events. Knowing or determining that right order involves more than hitching up our horse and loading our cart. We have to know where we’re going. Companies understand the value […]
Blog, Performance Marketing

It’s Time to Break Up with PowerPoint: Don’t Settle for Static Reporting

Interactive dashboards are the insightful, flexible, high-performing partners you need. If your performance marketing reports are still delivered via PowerPoint, it’s time to move on. Don’t stay stuck in a bad relationship. You deserve one that challenges, inspires and excites you and fulfills your every need. You have an inquisitive, analytical mind with complicated needs […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 63 – The Rich Get Richer

It’s a double-dose of the A Game this week. You’d be hard pressed to find two guys that can discuss media strategy as deftly at Jim Ganzer and TJ Salopek (Interactive Marketing Lead at Goodyear). The team nerds out over the growing strength of Facebook, Google, Amazon and the like while helping to level set […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 62 – Turning the Corner?

iHeart Radio Northern Ohio market President Keith Hotchkiss joins us to discuss the current state of radio as companies emerge from COVID-19 with the need to generate momentum. Audio formats in general have expanded dramatically with the the growing audience for podcast content and iHeart is positioning itself to be one of the lead players […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 61 – Ari Lewis, Personal Branding and the New Normal

The A Game welcomes Ohio X co-founder Ari Lewis to discuss the mission of his new technology and innovation association, the need for people to take the reigns of their personal branding and why we don’t need a “response to COVID-19” email from every brand that’s ever existed. All this and much more on this […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 60 – When the Game Returns: Marketers and Today’s Pro Sports Environment

In a Special Episode, Adcommers Kevin Griffin and Jeff Culliton discuss the business of sports marketing now and following COVID-19 with some of the biggest names in Sports Marketing. Mary Beth Pate of the Cleveland Clinic, Shelly Cayette-Weston of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Justin Morcelle from KeyBank and Sam Pines of ESPN Cleveland join the team […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 59 – Modernizing Your Approach to Trade Marketing

Marketing in the trades has been traditional for a looooooong time. How are companies specializing in the trades modernizing their approach? We discuss it.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 58 – Brands Tug At  Consumers’ Hearts

So…just what was up with all those heart-warming Super Bowl ads, and will that approach continue? Plus: With a cookie-less future ahead, will old-school metrics make a triumphant return?
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 58 – You Can Commoditize Web Development, Not Web Strategy

Over the last decade web development has been on a roller coaster ride. First, it was highly technical and only for developers. Then it was plug and play – so easy a cave man could do it. The truth is that you can spin up a nice looking site quickly, but for brands the answer […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 57 – Cookie Crumbs

Google is removing third-party cookies from Chrome in two years. What does it mean? Plus: Music in advertising — a history from our music expert.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 56 – Ryan Reynolds’ Master Content Class

How fast can you get great content to market? If it’s 3 days, you’re in the catbird’s seat. If it’s two weeks, you might be too late. The A Game Podcast crew debates that in the wake of Aviation Gin’s latest A+ ad — a crack at Peloton.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 55 – Year in Review/Look Ahead to 2020

What a year in the world of marketing: Jim, Jeff and Joel gather to discuss the top trends, like fragmentation in the streaming world, influencers, the future of social and much more. Tune in!
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 54 – The Streaming Wars Continue

If you come at The King, you best not miss. A wise man — Omar Little — once said that. But is Netflix even The King anymore? Apple, NBC and others are trying to prove it’s not. We discuss on The A Game after Apple’s streaming service launched.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 53 – Media Planning Is Hard

Media planning is a mixture of art and science. Audiences are constantly shifting and the analysis of those audiences comes from many angles, none of which has a monopoly on the truth. This becomes even more complex in an election year. Most brands are deep in the heart of planning season and the complexity of […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 52 – All This Data…Not Enough Insights?

The A Game crew enlists a couple special guests — Sarah Shamsi from Adcom’s data and analytics team, and Charlie Schafer from our Audience Planning team — to discuss how the data game has changed and how we’re using data in everything we do.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 51 – Paying College Athletes and the Marketing Impact

California was the first — but not the last — to pass legislation allowing college athletes to earn money based on their likeness. How does this issue impact marketers? Kevin Griffin, Jeff Culliton and Joel Hammond explore on The A Game.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 50(!!!) – The Next Streaming Craze Will Be 10 Minutes Long

Some big names and big funders are getting behind Quibi, which is looking to change the streaming game. How? In 10-minute episodes — and only on mobile devices. Jeff, Jim and Joel discuss whether this idea will catch on. What do you think?
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 49 – Just What Does It Take To Deliver Effective Marketing?

Jim and Jeff are joined by Charlie Schafer, Adcom’s Senior Director of Account Planning, to talk effective marketing. How do you deliver it? Is boldness a must-have?
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 48 – Let’s Get Personal. But Not Too Personal. OK?

One of our Marketing Automation experts, Lauren Casarona, joins the show today to talk through trends and best practices in email — specifically personalization. How much is too much? What’s the right balance? Listen in to get the crew’s take.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 47 – Constant Sharing on a New Facebook App. What Could Go Wrong?

Jim, Jeff and Joel dive into a new Facebook app — Threads, the goal of which appears to be to drive users to constantly share their location and more details. (Battery life?!) Take a listen and give us your thoughts!
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 46 – Chicken Sammies and Football, That’s What the A Game Does!

Adcom SVP and former NFL exec Kevin Griffin joined the crew this week to provide his unique perspective on NFL ratings and the health of the league — always a hot topic this time of year — and the hilarious, engaging, dramatic, wild battle between Popeye’s and Chick-Fil-A over chicken sandwich supremacy.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 45 – Zero Click Searches and Dynamic Content Strategies

The boys are back in town!!! At least for this week when they dig into two interesting topics. First, the rise of zero click Google searches is an indicator of changing user behavior that brands need to be ready for. Then, the team digs into the amazing content strategy that Slam Magazine uses to generate […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 44 – Demands on Data and The Great Farewell

In Morgan Rooks’ farewell A Game episode we discuss some of our favorite podcast moments as well as the ever growing data demands of being a digital marketer. Morgan’s feelings – get your data in line, or your marketing will suffer. All this and much more on episode 44 of The A Game.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 43 – Google Augmented Reality Advertising

Is augmented reality finally primed for its day in the sun? Device/Camera sophistication on our phones will allow us to do almost anything, but is the cost to execute at scale too much? Google thinks we are ready for a new normal in augmented reality advertising, but is it right? The gang discusses on this […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 42 – FaceApp Sees the Future

FaceApp gripped the country this week by praying on everyone’s vanity. Although already a widely used app, they rocketed into cultural relevance by showing us all what we are going to look like when we are old. While this is fun (depending on what you looked like) it does bring some privacy concerns to light. […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 41 – Shifting Attention Is Shifting Budgets

Need to get back in the swing of things after a long weekend? Good news, The A Game team is here to help. Attention is fragmented across platforms and all brands are shifting budgets to compensate. Hershey’s has made this a core marketing focus and the dollars they are spending reinforces it in a big […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 40 – Is the Definition of a Social Network Changing?

Outlets like Twitch and Fortnite are bringing people together in real-time in a way that other social networks don’t. This begs the question – Are the new wave of platforms more social than the OGs? Could Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc. learn from the new kids on the block who are adding active users hand-over-fist? Marketing dollars […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 39 – Tech Acquisitions Everywhere, But What Do They Mean?

We are seeing an uptick of acquisitions centered around ad serving and data visualization as of late. Some with very steep price tags. What does it all mean for the end users and for the market in general? The team will discuss this and more from our brand new Adcom A Game Studio on the […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 38 – Are Algorithms Ultimately Bad for Advertising?

Algorithms have become the engine of modern advertising. They are so pervasive that sometime we don’t stop to think whether or not they are truly good or bad for the channels we use. In this episode of The A Game, the team discusses how stopping and taking a deeper look at our programmatic world is […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 37 – Google Live Stream Musings

GOOGLE LIVE STREAM!!!! It was a big deal to us and all digital marketers this week. Our crack team of digital marketing mavericks discuss the ins and outs of what we heard and the effect it will have. If your current agency doesn’t talk to you like this…….we’re listening. Kidding, but not really.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 36 – Google. Privacy. Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before.

The trackability of ads is under attack. Even if we haven’t seen a real shift in what marketers can see yet, there may be enough smoke to assume that eventually it will turn into a fire? Is Google’s recent algorithm update the match that starts the blaze?
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 34 – Is Burger King Habitually Line-Steppin’?

Burger King launched a campaign for Mental Health Awareness Month that targeted McDonald’s Happy Meal. Is this too cheeky for such a serious topic? Are they within their brand or is it a cheap stunt to take a shot at their biggest competitor? The team gets flame-broiled on this one, on this week’s episode of […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 33 – Amazon Partnering with Kohl’s? What’s Up With That?

Amazon and Kohl’s are partnering to help consumers return their Amazon purchases more easily. Is this just about convenience or is a bigger strategy at play. All this and the original four are back together for the first time in what feels like an eternity on The A Game.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 32 – Monetizing Google Maps? Google Thinks It’s Time

Google is finally putting a more concerted effort towards monetizing Google Maps. If done properly this is a great channel to reach consumers using location services. Our team thinks this might be a nod to the future consumer when autonomously driving vehicles allow for a less distracted commuter.
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 31 – Miller Coors A Direct Retailer? We Will See

Miller Coors attempts to test a pseudo direct to consumer strategy. Is this a sign of the times for companies that sell through distributors? The Amazon effect has made traditional business models a little shaky and some of the oldest brands are fighting for reinvention. All this plus a cameo from one of our faves, […]
A-Game Podcast

The A Game Podcast – Episode 30 – Who is Apple After the Smartphone?

Apple’s new service announcement last week was a good indication of the future strategy of the company and their stronger stance on privacy. With $245 billion dollars of cash on hand, Apple can be whatever it wants to be and it looks like they want to be a bank. All this and more on this […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 29 – Instagram Ups the Ante

In a move that has been long anticipated, Instagram has begun rolling out e-commerce functionality to select brands. This move could create huge convenience for consumers and HUGE upside for brands, helping to monetize one of their favorite channels more directly. All this and Apple doubling down on their subscription model, on this episode of […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 28 – Is SXSW A Music Festival? Not Anymore

SXSW has exploded into an epicenter of emerging tech, startup launches and now political conversation. This wasn’t always the case, but nonetheless, it now drives as much attention as any other festival in the country around Innovation. This level of attention will continue to grow the events’ scale and scope and continue to drive the […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 27 – Don’t Be Mad at Kylie Jenner

In this episode of The A Game, we look at Kidfluencers, the ever-growing sect of child YouTube stars who are raking in huge audiences and even bigger checks, but is it ethical? This and a detailed, if only semi-rational discussion about Kylie Jenner’s new status as the world’s youngest “Self-Made” Billionaire. All this and more […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 26 – YouTube’s Got Some Splainin’ To Do

In this week’s episode, our quartet performs as a trio with a new face, but the same hot takes. YouTube, like all scaled social media platforms, is combating bad actors and trying to assure their advertisers that their content is being displayed next to reputable and verified videos. This isn’t a race with a finish; […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 25 – Careless Whisper

The A Game has reached its 25th episode!!! Wow, that was fast! To celebrate, we are enjoying a little George Michael and talking marketing. Amazon continues to make headlines. We discuss a new Moments loyalty program they’ve introduced, not the cancellation of the proposed New York City headquarters. Or anything else…
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 24 – Spotify Bets Big on Podcasting and Alternative Super Bowl Advertising

Podcasts are getting so much attention from brands because they deliver something all marketers love – time with their audience. Users spend more time engaging with their podcasts than most other forms of media and in an effort to harness that, Spotify acquired a podcasting platform last week to help bolster its differentiation in the […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 23 – Who Has the Most Clout in Big Tech?

Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple continue to grow and out pace their competition, but it can’t last forever, right? Who is winning right now and who is best positioned to captivate the consumer of the future? All that plus an additional hot take: Facebook reported ad revenue is up over 30% YoY – so the […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 22 – Toxic Masculinity and a Brand’s Social Responsibility

This week, Jeff, Morgan and Jim talk about the story that dominated the week, Gillette’s “Toxic Masculinity” spot. What place do brands have to tackle social issues in their marketing? Is it only authentic if it’s something the brand has stood for since day one or are brands allowed to evolve into their mission? All […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 21 – The Tokenized Economy

In the second show of the new year, the team tackles what could be one of the hottest topics of the year: tokenization. What is your data worth and what are brands willing to provide you in order to get it? The team comes out firing on this week’s episode of The A Game.
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 20 – Marketing Topics and Trends for 2019

In the first episode of the new year, Morgan Rooks, Jeff Culliton, Jim Ganzer and Joel Hammond discuss the topics and trends that are going to be dominating the marketing landscape in 2019. Will there be seismic shifts in the power structure of the biggest tech companies on the planet or will it be business […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 19 – A Year in Review – Trends and Topics that Resonated

It’s been a stellar year one for The A Game, with 19 weekly episodes under our collective belts. In the last episode before holiday break, Joel, Morgan and Jeff (Jim’s already caroling)talk through the episodes and topics that highlighted the year and resonated most with our listeners. From the growing race between the biggest platforms […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 18 – Do Consumers Care Enough to Change?

In the teams first episode as a quartet Jeff, Morgan, Jim and Joel discuss a how much tracking is too much. In the wake of so many breaches, consumers still don’t change their behavior. So what will it take for people to change their habits? How much data do the brands you love have about […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 17 – Do Social Media Stunts Pay Business Dividends?

It’s the Secret Santa gift everyone wants…..the 17th installment of the A Game. In this week’s episode Jim, Joel and Morgan discuss recent social activations from #Payless and #BurgerKing. Are they good business or just good fun?
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 16 – The Accelerated Pace of Disruption

After a restful Thanksgiving holiday, the team is back this week talking about market disruptions. Automotive chaos and the relevance of being in-store for Black Friday vs at home on your couch. All this and much much more on this week’s episode of The A Game.
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 15 – A Podcast About Podcasts

Podcasts are exploding! It shouldn’t be a surprise that marketers of all verticals are flocking to advertise within shows that keep their audiences engaged for 30 minutes in a way TV and radio don’t. On top of that, podcast audiences are typically younger, educated and more affluent – just the demo that many brands want […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 14 – At What Point Does Convenience Become Creepy?

Consumers expect personalization and they expect the brands they love to create easy user experiences. Convenience comes at a cost, namely your data. For the brands that track and curate the most, they run the risk of going to far and becoming intrusive. Where is the line between convenient and creepy? We discuss on this […]
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 13 – 5G and Cost Per Burrito Paid Media, Things Are Starting to Get Interesting

Morgan pinch hits for Joel as the group discusses how brands like Chipotle are looking for more attribution from their TV spend and how 5G networks are going to affect data collection. All this and more on this week’s episode of The A Game.
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 12 – Is Facebook Too Big to Fail? It Would Appear So

Jim, Jeff and Joel tackle a topic that’s likely on many of your minds: How much drama does Facebook have to endure to be impacted? Plus: Should hiring managers take a page from the NBA’s book, and begin considering candidates without college degrees — then groom them to possess the skill sets necessary?
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The A Game Podcast – Episode 11 – Amazon Is Coming for Google and Your Branded Search Terms

Amazon is buying up branded Google search terms en masse. In certain instances, Amazon’s ranking for branded terms is higher than the brand itself. This is a trend that will continue. Is there anything that you can do about it as a brand????? Morgan, Jeff and Joel discuss.