In a world of group think,
independent ideas drive results.

Born in The Flats.
Climbing ever since.

Adcom was founded in the legendary Flats area of Cleveland by Joe Kubic and Mark Nuss in 1989. Their entrepreneurial spirit, keen business sense and creativity built the foundation of the firm. Since our inception, Adcom has embraced and instigated change, invested in talent and harnessed technology to provide a holistic approach to solving marketing challenges. Today, we have over 110 professionals who partner with clients to help them win in their competitive business environments. And we have a lot of fun doing it – after all, we were born in The Flats.


Yes, we do (fill in the blank.)
We just do it differently. And better.

Modern marketers need a full-funnel strategy to grow their business and gain loyal, long-lasting customers. Adcom believes that brand building and performance marketing each have vital roles, so we have built an integrated offering that capitalizes on the power of both.


Business Goals + Brand Truth
Here, they’ll live happily ever after.

Adcom blends business intelligence with comprehensive market and consumer insights to craft bold, structured strategies that produce impact. We always design with results in mind, syncing business goals with brand essence and consumer demands, choosing the right channels to drive outcomes. Here, sharp brand messaging converges with targeted customer engagement to establish a tactical blueprint that hits the mark on marketing KPIs.


Reaching customers is hard.
Making them notice is even harder.

Great creative work is critical to driving business results. So much investment goes into finding your customer that when it lands, the message must make an impact; emotionally, rationally or inexplicably. That’s what we do; mine the truth that separates your brand from the competition.


It’s a jungle out there.
You need an experienced guide.

The Paid Media, Social Media and PR experts at Adcom navigate clients through a challenging media ecosystem where consumer behavior, media consumption and technology are constantly evolving. We emphasize teamwork with hands on keyboards and minds collaborating to deliver effective and engaging campaigns for each brand we serve.


Let us help you make the most of your data. Our analytics platform brings marketing and business data together with the team and technology to provide the clarity that informs performance decisions for your brand. Spend less time and money prepping and merging data and more time on productive analysis. Start using interactive dashboards and insights that drive action.

Our Work

We take a lot of pride in doing best-in-class work.
Here are a few highlights.

Our People

Adcom attracts growth-minded, entrepreneurial people who attack challenges with intelligence, creativity and passion. We believe talent is what defines us, so we reinvest in our business by adding and deepening the expertise we offer our clients.

Meet the Team