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Redefining Direct Mail Marketing

Moen is one of the premier suppliers of plumbing materials, including kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets. They were looking for a way to engage architects, engineers and designers to persuade them to spec and order Moen products.


The challenge was shifting Moen’s strong reputation in residential plumbing to the commercial space. We knew that if professionals could try the Moen faucets for themselves, it would be an easy purchase. So we took a tried and true direct mailer campaign and brought it to life with personalized content. Thumb drives with CAD files, presentation boxes with actual product, brochure with product photography and PURLs were among collateral sent out to various professionals based on industry.


The campaign led to an increase in product information meetings, more jobs including Moen in specs and an overall positive shift in Moen’s reputation in commercial plumbing.