CMO Confidential: Episode 6 Pat Mendelson – How Your Creative Team Really Wishes You’d Run A Meeting

All brands have creative teams responsible for delivering the go-to-market work that showcases the business to the marketplace. Many big businesses hire agencies to deliver this work and set up a process to sift through hundreds of ideas, whittling down the pile until they invest in the ones that make it to you. And all CMOs know that in addition to the marketplace, the harshest critics of this work will be their fellow employees. Mistakes cost brands and CMOs as shown recently by Balenciaga and a number of years ago when Nationwide ran a Super Bowl commercial about a boy who died from an accident. The creative team is on the receiving end of a lot of these pressures, working with limited time and multiple opinions while working with the shortest-tenured level of the C-Suite, the CMO. In this episode, we discuss how creatives approach the process and the client.

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