CMO Confidential: Episode 31 – Robert Chestnut:  Integrity in the age of Transparency

A CMO Confidential Interview with Rob Chesnut, the former Airbnb General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer, Chegg General Counsel, SVP of Trust & Safety at eBay, and author of Intentional Integrity. Rob discusses how to think about integrity in the age of transparency – when every consumer and employee is functioning as their own newsroom, the difference between virtue signaling and real choices, and how marketing should help lead this discussion. Key topics include the diversity of what integrity means, managing conflict, and how to manage when “we are all more connected and more divided than ever” and no one agrees on “the facts” Listen to our discussion on PGA/LIV, Disney and Budweiser as well as an incredible story about a Vatican communion wafer listed for auction on eBay.

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