CMO Confidential: Episode 30 – DJ Patil: A Data Scientist Turned Investor Talks Tech, Marketing & Public Policy

A CMO Confidential Interview with D J Patil, currently an investor and partner at GreatPoint Ventures and formerly the Head of Data Products & Chief Scientist at LinkedIn, Distinguished Research Scientist at eBay, and U.S. Chief Data Scientist in the Obama Administration. DJ discusses why “clever beats smart,” the evolution of data science and AI, how to use your data science team as a force multiplier, and what it was like to work in The White House. Key topics include why you should have always have a “Spock on the bridge,” how to prevent the “weaponization of data,” when to override the data, and why you should “test and try” versus going “all in” on most data solutions. Listen to hear about the data science role in public policy solutions.

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