CMO Confidential: Episode 28 – Tom Goodwin: A Futurist and Innovation Expert Talks About Nowism

A CMO Confidential Interview with Tom Goodwin, author, speaker and former head of Innovation at Publicis, Zenith and Havas. Tom shares his often provocative thoughts on how to rethink technology by focusing in on what it means versus what it is, why brands will matter more than ever, how folks will bungle AI, and why those managing marketing often miss the big picture by focusing on mundane analytics and “refinement within a closed ecosystem.” Key topics include how companies get irrationally excited about new tech, the difference between the “religion of the story” and the “religion of optimization,” his belief that the consulting world is “fueled by anxiety,” that leaders should always be aware of what has not changed, and why Cannes was a “bit sad.”

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