CMO Confidential: Episode 27 – Bill Cobb: A Marketing trained CEO Talks About Business & the CMO Position

A CMO Confidential Interview with Bill Cobb, the CEO of Frontdoor who was previously the President of eBay North America and CEO of H&R Block. Bill shares his thoughts on how to succeed as a CMO, the best and worst marketing management practices of boards and CEOs, how to evaluate potential opportunities and the fact that there’s life after getting fired. Key topics include his belief that marketing should be the most integrated function, a marketplace disrupter and “the hub of the wheel,” the need to think and work cross functionally, why it’s a really tough road if the CEO doesn’t support marketing, and why the “board skills matrix” undervalues marketers. Listen to hear how one board member had trouble distinguishing John Hamm from Don Draper and Bill’s fabulous rendition of Frontdoor’s ad campaign song “We Built This Toilet” sung to the tune of Jefferson Airplane’s “We Built This City.”

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