CMO Confidential: Episode 19 Kim Whitler – A Comprehensive Look at Fixing the CMO Position

A CMO Confidential Interview with Kim Whitler, a business professor at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. Kim started at P&G and went on to be a GM at Aurora Foods and the CMO at David’s Bridal before shifting to academia – one of her fortes is deep quantitative research on marketing. We discuss careers, why CPG training can be foundational, and the many factors causing CMO turnover. Highlights include why candidates should “throw out” the job spec since over 50% of them are incorrect, boards and CEOs who don’t believe in marketing, firms who think marketers are all interchangeable, and candidates who take positions doomed for failure. She provides tips to avoid these situations and also calls out search firms for a “cut and paste” approach while challenging them to do better in prepping candidates and companies.

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